2018 edition

93 films from many countries was qualified for the international competition On Art 2018: list of films. Most from Europe and USA, as well as from Israel, Canada, Chile, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, China and South Africa. Among them there are 30 medium and full-lenght movies.

The winners of the On Art Film Festival 2018 competition:


Long – professional

1st place: Little Tsunamis – UK 2017, dir. Toby Clarkson, 80 min.

2nd place: Festival – Poland 2017, dir. Tomasz Wolski, Anna Gawlita, 85 min.

3rd place: Picture Perfect – Norway 2018, dir. Ida Kleppe, 70 min.


Long – independent

1st place: L’architecte Textile – France, Germany 2017, dir. Mika Ela Fisher, 100 min.

2nd place: Jaar – Lament of the Images, Chile 2017, dir. Paula Rodríguez, 77 min.

3rd place: Robar a Rodin – 2017 Chile, dir. Cristobal Valenzuela Berrios, 80 min.


Medium (pro & ind)

1st place: The Storyteller. After Walter Benjamin – 2016 Germany, dir. Nathaniel Knop, 61 min.

2nd place: Exprmntl – 2016 Belgium, dir. Brecht Debackere, 65 min.

3rd place: Captain’s Dream – Art Biennale in Antarctica, 2018 Spain, dir. Denis Delestrac, 49 min.


Short (pro & ind)

1st place: place: Two – 2017 Canada, dir. Slava Mladenova, 7 min.

2nd place: Think of Something Blue – 2017 Holland, dir. Jerry de Mars, 6 min.

3rd place: The Dreaming City – 2018 USA, dir. Andrew DeJohn, 10 min.


Honorable mentions:

Copy – paste – delete – 2018 Switzerland, Christoph Rahm, 82 min.

Foot Stretcher – 2017 Israel, dir. Inbar Hagai, 57 min.

Mr. Finne’s Reality Tunnel – 2018 Denmark, dir. Henrik Edelbo, 47 min.

The Art of Silent, 2018 Denmark, dir. Signe Roderik, 27 min.

Waste no.5 – The Raft of the Medusa – 2017 Finland, dir. Jan Ijäs, 18 min.


We would like to thank all the filmmakers for being a part of our Festival.

See you next year!