Winners 2020

It is a great honor to announce the winners of the On Art Film Festival 2020:


Long (pro & ind)

1st place: Lemebel – Chile 2019, dir. Joanna Reposi Garibaldi

2nd place: Malevich – Ukraine 2020, dir. Volodymyr Lutskiy

3rd place: Born Just Now – 84 min. USA 2018, dir. Robert Adanto


Medium – professional

1st place: A Monologue in the Intermission – Bulgaria 2018, dir. Peter Vulchev

2nd place: Yan Pei-Ming, from Ornans to Schanghai – France 2019, dir. Michel Quinejure

3rd place: Betty Boop For Ever – France 2020, dir. Claire Duguet


Medium – independent

1st place: Symphony of the Ursus Factory – Poland 2018, dir. Jaśmina Wójcik

2nd place: Felicia and the Clown – UK, Poland 2019, dir. Oliwia Siem

3rd place: Under the Skin In Conversation with Anish Kapoor – Italy, UK 2019, dir. Martina Margaux Cozzi


Short – professional

1st place: Bória (Brzemię) – Poland 2018, dir. Iwona Pasińska

2nd place: The Preparator – Canada 2020, dir. Aquiles Ascencion

3rd place: Feel at ease | Sinta- se a VondateBrazil 2020, dir. Jessica Nolte, Markus Bruno


Short – independent

1st place: MareSpain 2020, dir. Guille Vázquez

2nd place: Der und DieGermany 2019, dir. Peter Boving

3rd place: Being and BecomingHolland 2019, dir. Maite Abella


Video Art

1st place: I didn’t go to Crimea and all I got was this alien messagePoland 2018, dir. Zuza Banasińska

2nd place: Sand TimerIsrael 2018, dir. Eyal Segal

3rd place: The Divine WayGermany 2018, dir. Ilaria di Carlo


Honorable mentions

A Touching SightUSA 2019, dir. Alberto Amoretti

Circus MovementsPortugal 2019, dir. Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Dance all the timeSpain 2019, dir. Sergi Gras

Kugelmensch Germany 2019, dir. Harry Besel