2019 edition

The winners of the On Art Film Festival 2019 competition:


Long (pro & ind)

1st place: Più de la vita, Italy 2019, dir. Raffaella Rivi.

2nd place: Cursed Days, France 2018, dir. Artem Iurchenko.

3rd place: Higgi, Inspiring Voices, Belgium 2018, dir. Philippe Reypens, Loïc Porcher.


Medium – professional

1st place: The Life of an Artwork, Germany 2018, dir. Marion Kollbach.

2nd place: Pangea, Greece 2018, dir. JoHn Nikolopoulos.

3rd place: Fuck, it’s Biology, Poland 2019, dir. Veronica Andersson.


Medium – independent

1st place: Rock paper scissors, Israel 2018, dir. Lilah Markman.

2nd place: See the Man, Ireland 2017, dir. José Miguel Jiménez.

3rd place: In dog years I’m dead, Germany 2018, dir. Kenji Ouellet.


Short (pro & ind)

1st place: Larry Bell: Artist, USA 2019, dir. Timothy Marrinan.

2nd place: The Missing Trait, Italy 2018, dir. Riccardo Roan.

3rd place: Sound of Colour, UK 2018, dir. Todd MacDonald.



1st place: Initiation, Poland 2017,dir. Iwona Pasińska.

2nd place: To Be Without Being, Brasil 2018, dir. Ruchita.

3rd place: Ritual, Canada 2017, dir. Clayton Beugeling.


Honorable mentiones

Das Ist Komisch, Canada 2019, dir. Louis St-Pierre.

Influenza, Danmark 2018, dir. Bjarke Underbjerg.

Blue Butterfly, Turkey 2019, dir. Okan Erünsal.

We would like to thank all the filmmakers for being a part of our Festival.

See you next year!