From 3rd July to 6th September 2021 – open air summer screenings!

– 10th edition
– 10 cities
– Over 2 months of every-day entertainment
– For thousand’s of Art&Movie lovers

International competitions

Last year 102 films from many countries qualified for the international competition. Mostly from Europe and USA, as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries. Among them there are 33 medium and full-lenght movies. The list of qualified films in 2020. 

The event lasts two months. It takes place in July and August 2020 in the biggest cities of Poland.

See the trailer – On Art 2020.

See the trailer – On Art 2019.

See the trailer – On Art 2018.


The screenings will take place in a many prestigious locations.  Warsaw: National Museum, The Amphitheatre at Łazienki Royal-Park, Królikarnia Palace, The Royal Castle, & accompanying events in: Cracow, Poznań, Gdańsk, Sopot, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszów, Toruń, Kielce, and Wrocław. The access for audience is free.

On Art Festival is organised by the Cinematography Development Foundation (pol. Fundacja Rozwoju Kinematografii) which was conceived to promote Polish and European cinematography. The Foundation is a leading outdoor movie organiser, with over 1,000 successful film events and circa 100 thousands pleased attendees.